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Complete Dentures

They are designed to replace all the teeth in the dental arch.  Complete dentures can become necessary due to badly decayed teeth when root canal therapy is not viable, when there is advanced periodontal disease, when teeth are broken beyond repair, or when roots have become fractured.  Our customised complete dentures will restore the natural contour of the lips and facial muscles, and will be a highly personalised, balanced and precise fit for each patient according to his or her specific requirements.


Copy Dentures

Any patient experiencing pain or discomfort from their poorly fitting dentures yet who are happy with their size, shape, and colour may want to consider having a new set made.  Having a new surface, copy dentures are tailored for a perfect fit.  Less appointments are needed, and patients with a sensitive gag reflex will be happy that normal impressions are not required.  The elderly who cannot tolerate new dentures are helped considerably by the copy denture technique, because much of the procedure can be conducted in a domiciliary setting.

Denture Cleaning & Advice

We offer our patients professional denture cleaning  in our Sympro automatic denture cleaner which removes difficult deposits such as plaque, tartar, coffee, tea, medicine, and red wine stains.  This improves oral hygiene and well-being and gives a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to the dentures.  Usually this is a same day service and often a while-you-wait service.

Dentures Repairs, Relines & Additions


Cracked or fractured dentures, those with chips or broken teeth, can usually be repaired.  We offer, in most cases, a same day service.  However, more extensive damage will take longer.  Should a patient break a denture, all broken pieces should be kept together; it is inadvisable to try and repair the denture with any sort of adhesive yourself as this could result in further damage.


The shape of gums and bones can change shape over time, causing dentures to become ill-fitting.  Relining, which is a method of adjusting the internal part of the base of the dentures with acrylic resin, can correct the fit.  Relining will improve the fit of the dentures without having to replace them with a new set.  It also helps the dentures to last longer while, at the same time, improving oral hygiene.  If dentures are too loose, food can become trapped.  After denture are relined some patients find it unnecessary to continue using denture adhesive.


Should a patient with a partial denture lose another natural tooth, it is often possible to add an extra tooth to the existing denture.


Implant Retained Dentures

Implant retained dentures create an attractive and natural-looking smile as well as providing a bite comparable to natural teeth.  A minimum of two lower jaw implants and four upper jaw implants are used to retain complete dentures.  The healing period for implants is usually about three months; during that time existing or temporary dentures can be worn.



It is important for those with implants to maintain a daily oral hygiene regime.  Cleaning around the implants using toothpaste, tooth brush and mouth rinses is imperative for the longevity of the dental implants as well as to ones oral health.  Dental implants are like natural teeth in that they will last only as long as they are kept clean.  Plaque buildup can lead to gum infections, bleeding and soreness just like natural teeth.

Partial Dentures


They are more durable than other types of denture, withstanding more wear and tear, and are less likely to break.  The frameworks are light, designed to complement the existing contours of your mouth, and cover less of the gums and teeth.  Because less of the soft tissue in the mouth is covered, it is easier to maintain good oral health and allow wearers to enjoy a better sense of taste.  The clasps hold the dentures in place, provide good support, and keep the dentures from moving about.  Most light alloy dentures are made from chrome cobalt, gold or titanium.


Valplast flexible dentures are long-lasting, virtually invisible in the mouth, are lightweight and therefore comfortable to wear.  They have a low reaction rate compared to dentures made from acrylic and metal and are usually suitable for those patients who have experienced allergic reactions with other denture materials.


They are custom made to fit your mouth perfectly and to create a natural-looking appearance and are less expensive than light alloy dentures.  Advanced technology today means that they are lighter, stronger and more comfortable to wear.  Often they are recommended by a clinical dental technician to those patients who are about to lose their existing teeth in the near future and who will consequently need modifications to their existing dentures. Patients who require treatment to strengthen their natural teeth and gum tissue may  find that plastic dentures are a helpful precursor to light alloy dentures.

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