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Although a quality pair of dentures is intended to last for a long period over time they can become worn and fragile. If you have had your dentures for more than ten years, it is likely you will need to have them checked and replaced.


Dentures usually have a lifespan of between five and ten years and even though your denture may feel unchanged, unfortunately our mouths and jaws do change over time, often causing the gums and mouth tissue to shrink.


Investing in a quality, bespoke set of dentures is certainly money well spent and can improve both the way you look and the way you feel.

One of the most common reasons for feeling discomfort with your denture is due to food becoming trapped underneath the denture and causing irritation.


If this irritation is left untreated, it can cause the gums and jaw to become inflamed and sore. You can remove of the offending material simply by taking out and rinsing your denture. After a while your dentures should feel comfortable again.


Although your dentures are made to specifically fit your mouth, they may need to be adjusted over time due to changes which can occur in your mouth. In most cases these changes are perfectly natural and are normally due to aging.

Dentures should be looked after in the same way as you would look after your natural teeth. However maintaing them can involve a slightly different process.


Firstly, dentures should be removed from the mouth before cleaning and brushed with a specially designed brush, specifically made to clean dentures. Toothpast is also not recommended for dentures; instead there are several brands of dental paste on the matrket, along with denture solutions which are used to soak the denture.


The reason why dentures are removed for cleaning is that the paste and solutions can cause problems with the mouth and gums. Always make sure you rins the denture thoroughly after using these products.


It's best to clean your denture over a bowl or sink containing warm water, as this will cushion the denture should you accidently drop it. You should also leave your denture out of the mouth for a few hours each day, or overnight, as this will give your mouth and gums a rest.

How do you know when it's time for new dentures?

How do I make my dentures more comfortable?

How do I maintain my dentures to keep them in good condition?

Who regulates Dentistry in the UK and who should I talk to if I have a complaint?

The General Dental Council are the regulatory body for Dentistry in the UK; their function is to set guidance and regulations to protect the patient. You can check the GDC website at to find out if the dental professional you are receiving treatment from is registered with the GDC.


If you have a complaint about the treatment you have received, it is recommended that you try and resolve this with the dental professional first. However, if that is not possible you can contact the GDC customer service team for help at information@gdc-uk-org , or you can contact the Dental Complaints Service at

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